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Mannerisms and Facial Expressions

Hense - 700 Delaware (2012) - Mural on abandoned church

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get to know me memetelevision / lost (2004-2010)

So you agree, Starks are enemies.

“Don’t touch me,” she said, wrenching away. It should not have hurt, yet it did, more than any slap. Red-faced, as angry as she was grief-stricken, Cersei struggled for breath. “Don’t look at me, not …not like this…not you.”


TV Shows Meme: 4/9 relationships [Lena Headey + Pedro Pascal]

"Lena is one of my favorite persons. And she (in life) is so funny and so smart, such a good person, a good friend and a good mother, I think everyone on that set and anyone who comes in contact with her develops an instant crush. Talk about male or female, you’re going to get a crush on her easy."

You’ve never taken it seriously! You haven’t, Jaime hasn’t.

"I’m blonde, I’m skinny, I’m rich, and I’m a little bit of a bitch." — Cersei Lannister, A Feast for Crows (via incorrectgotquotes)


The Avengers styled as Sin City


once upon a time meme
(2/5) villains » cora mills/the queen of hearts

Mads real-life Hannibal Lecter Mikkelsen (x)

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Chimamamda Ngozi Adiche, We Should All Be Feminists

The most powerful thing anyone has ever said to me: “You deserve to take up space.”